Friday, 11 May 2012

Soldier's Girl (2003)

Troy Garity ... Barry Winchell
Lee Pace ... Calpernia Addams / Scottie
Andre Braugher ... Sergeant Carlos Diaz
Shawn Hatosy ... Justin Fisher
Philip Eddolls ... Calvin Glover
Merwin Mondesir ... Henry Millens
Dan Petronijevic ... Collin Baker (as Daniel Petronijevic)
Frank Pierson
The true story of a young soldier beaten to death for falling in love with a transgendered nightclub performer.
She was the only man he ever loved.
Actually I didn't care much about transgender or men who dressed like women though, I have changed my mind by watching Lee Pace as Calpernia. He is so beautiful and I can't believe I almost fell in love with him. Wait, come to think of it, I know he isn't a transgender nor a cross-dressing man. So that's okay for me to like him in this film. Anyway Lee Pace is so nice here. I liked him in Pushing Daisies but I like him more in this one. As a drama, it's so sad story. I really didn't want the drama end like this.

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