Saturday, 16 May 2009

Small Miracles (The Testimony of Taliesin Jones) (2000)

John-Paul Macleod … Taliesin Jones
Jonathan Pryce … Tal’s Dad
Geraldine James … Tal’s Mum
Matthew Rhys … Jonathan
Griff Rhys Jones … Caesar
Ian Bannen … Billy Evans
Martin Duffy
Drama / Family
Plot Summary
Also known as "Small Miracles", released by Questar, Inc in 2004. This quietly lovely film won Best…
It starts with a very happy moment of a family, taking a photo in their garden. They look so happy and satisfied. But a little later, perhaps the day after Tal's twelfth birthday, we realise his Mum lives somewhere else. They have some good reason why she has to live far away from her family, but actually she met someone and is going to marry him. I kinda understand that feeling.
On the other hand, Tal experiences a miracle with his piano teacher, Billy. So he believes in God and attends church, and also tries to heal someone with a miracle. There are a lot of small things happen, and finally he loses his faith because of Billy's death. Around that time at school, a boy who has been bullied Tal all the time wants him to heal his cut right middle finger with prayer. Of course he can't fix it, but the boy becomes to trust Tal.
Unfortunately I'm not satisfied with this story, this film got some prizes but I don't really see why. It's good but not that great. I learned Tal's dad was also in Very Annie Mary, he played the Dad of the heroine. I'm sure he is one of the most famous actor in Wales.
Matthew plays Tal's older brother.

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