Saturday, 16 May 2009

Trapped Ashes (2006)

Jayce Bartok … Andy
Henry Gibson … Tour Guide
Lara Harris … Julia
Scott Lowell … Henry
Dick Miller … Max
Michele-Barbara Pelletier … Nathalie / Martine (segment "My Twin - The Worm")
John Saxon … Leo
Rachel Veltri … Phoebe
Richard Ian Cox … Doug (segment "The Girl with Golden Breasts")
Glynis Davies … Nurse (segment "The Girl with Golden Breasts")
Scott Heindl … Zack (segment "The Girl with Golden Breasts")
Rob deLeeuw … Ben (segment "The Girl with Golden Breasts")
Mina E. Mina … Dr. Judith (segment "The Girl with Golden Breasts")
Winston Rekert … Dr. Larry (segment "The Girl with Golden Breasts")
Ken Russell … Dr. Lucy (segment "The Girl with Golden Breasts")
John R. Taylor … Dr. Charlotte (segment "The Girl with Golden Breasts")
Yoshinori Hiruma … Seishin (segment "Jibaku")
Ryo Ishibashi … Head Monk (segment "Jibaku")
Yozaburo Ito … Architect (segment "Jibaku")
Hisayoshi Kawamatsu … Young Monk #1 (segment "Jibaku")
Kyuya Nakagawa … Young Monk #2 (segment "Jibaku")
Aya Sugimoto … Police Woman (segment "Jibaku")
Ashley Breger … Girl in Photo (segment "Stanley’s Girlfriend")
Amelia Cooke … Nina (segment "Stanley"s Girlfriend")
Amy Markle … Girl in Graveyard
Andy Maton … Old Stanley in Film (segment "Stanley’s Girlfriend")
Tahmoh Penikett … Young Leo (segment "Stanley"s Girlfriend")
Tygh Runyan … Stanley (segment "Stanley’s Girlfriend")
Katrina Trotzuk … Girl in Photo #2 (segment "Stanley’s Girlfriend")
Matreya Fedor … Young Nathalie (segment "My Twin - The Worm")
Luke Macfarlane … Vincent (segment "My Twin - The Worm")
Deanna Milligan … Annie (segment "My Twin - The Worm")
Charles Siegel … Martine"s Father (segment "My Twin - The Worm")
Jerry Wasserman … Dr. Strangler (segment "My Twin - The Worm")
Sean S. Cunningham (segment "Jibaku")
Joe Dante (wrap around segments)
John Gaeta (segment "My Twin, The Worm")
Monte Hellman (segment "Stanley’s Girlfriend")
Ken Russell (segment "The Girl with the Golden Breasts")
Seven strangers on a Hollywood movie studio tour are trapped inside an infamous House of Horror and forced to tell their most terrifying stories to get out alive.
Here is Luke, a role which is very different from Scotty (Brothers & Sisters, ABC). The story is a sort of horror, this story is the fourth of four stories that were telling to other people who were trapped in a strange room. The story is spoken by a girl who was born as Vincent's daughter. And she, her externals, is pretty scary. Anyway Luke and her wife were from France in this story and running vineyard as a member of family. I actually thought why France though, it doesn't matter really. Luke plays Vincent who is a sort of playboy, and having a sex with wife's cousin or something. Also he gets angry with his wife, beginning was quite gentle and calm though. Anyway you can see a very different Luke here. He is very talented.

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