Saturday, 16 May 2009

Iron Road [TV mini-series] (2008)

Peter O’Toole … Relic
Sam Neill … Alfred Nichol
Sun Li … Little Tiger
Luke Macfarlane … James Nichol
Tony Leung Ka Fai … Book Man
Kenneth Mitchell … Edgar
Gao Yun Xiang … Wang Ma
Ian Tracey … the Controller
Serge Houde … George Grant
Charlotte Sullivan … Melanie Grant
David Wu
A poor but feisty Chinese woman, disguised as a boy, joins the railroad crew in the Rocky Mountains to search for her long-lost father, and falls in love with the son of the railroad tycoon.
It’s a little sad to watch this kind of film because of racial discrimination. But just as a film, it’s great, I assume. Story focuses on two people, a boy, actually he is a girl though, and a spoiled son of a king of railroad. Mainly the drama goes on their relationship but they show some mysteries and relationship between son and father, employee and employer, investor and beneficiary, etc.
I think the son develops a sort of maturing process as an adult. He was an irresponsible son of a rich man, one day, his father sent him to China to hire people, then he gradually becomes a responsible and reliable man.
Iron Road has two parts and each of them are 1.5 hrs long, it means it takes 3 hrs to watch it, but I didn’t feel that long.
I’m quite satisfied with it. I do want to watch this again. Personally it is a little weird when Luke kisses to a woman though, he is a great actor so it’s not a big deal for him, I guess.

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