Saturday, 16 May 2009

Third Man Out [TV] (2005)

Chad Allen … Donald Strachey
Sebastian Spence … Timmy Callahan
Jack Wetherall … John Rutka
Woody Jeffreys … Eddie
Ron Oliver
Crime / Mystery / Thriller
A gay detective who always gets his man.
A gay detective is hired to find who has been been threatening a notorious member of the gay community noted for outing people.
I haven’t seen Chad Allen’s film before, so it is the first one. I like detective story though, I wasn’t satisfied with this storyline. But it was thriller. Somehow I liked the end. Besides I was happy when I found Jack Wetherall was in this. I guess almost the last appearance in TV. He mainly plays at the theatre and I don’t know he is still playing there. Anyway the concept, a gay detective, is good. They should make such films more.

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