Saturday, 16 May 2009

Deathwatch (2002)

Jamie Bell … Pfc. Charlie Shakespeare
Rúaidhrí Conroy … Pvt. Colin Chevasse(as Ruaidhri Conroy)
Mike Downey … Martin Plummer
Laurence Fox … Capt. Bramwell Jennings
Roman Horak … German soldier
Dean Lennox Kelly … Pvt. Willie McNess
Torben Liebrecht … Friedrich
Kris Marshall … Pvt. Barry Starinski
Hans Matheson … Pvt. Jack Hawkstone
Hugh O’Conor … Anthony Bradford
Matthew Rhys … Cpl. Doc Fairweather
Andy Serkis … Pvt. Thomas Quinn
Hugo Speer … Sgt. David Tate
Pavel Tesar … Mudman
Michael J. Bassett
Drama / Horror / War / Thriller
Deliver them from evil
In 1917, in the Western front, a group of survivors of the British Company Y reach the most forward German trench in a foggy night…
During World War I, several alive soldiers from the British Company Y which has damaged a lot get lost and reach to German trenches. From the beginning, you can tell something wrong with it. Then you learn one of them is killed mysteriously. How come that kinds of things happen? And also there are some dramas. Relationships, philosophy, religion, etc. It’s not so scary though, I liked their drama storyline. In the war, everybody goes mad and they tend to lose their common sense, morality, religious mind or sympathy. You can see absolutely cruel world adding to their fear.

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