Saturday, 16 May 2009

Very Annie Mary [TV] (2001)

Rachel Griffiths … Annie Mary Pugh
Jonathan Pryce … Jack Pugh
Ioan Gruffudd… Hob
Matthew Rhys … Nob
Sara Sugarman
Comedy / Musical
Plot Outline:
After her father suffers a stroke a woman is forced to take care of him but uses the circumstances to emancipate herself and find the courage to sing once again.
Rachel Griffiths sounds like speaking Welsh accent. I like it. Matthew Rhys and Rachel Griffiths play together in Brothers & Sisters, USA TV show.
It is a moving film. Welsh accent makes me a little difficult to catch, but it doesn’t matter. Talking about a story, one thing I can’t stand is Annie Mary (Rachel Griffiths) uses money all into horse racing after they won by their performance. They come back to their village and almost all people come to celebrate their prize, but they learn she has used all of money into horse racing. They go back their home one by one, even her best friends Hob (Ioan Gruffudd) and Nob (Matthew Rhys). Next day, she goes to Hob and Nob’s coffee shop though, they are very cold and tell her they can’t talk now. She is devastated. After her leaving, since Nob started sobbing, Hob has approached him and when Nob said, "Never.." while sobbing, Hob embraced him from his back while saying, "Shi shi shi". I don’t know what he wanted to say because of my poor understanding of details of story, but I had sympathy with Nob’s sob. It’s not the reason I like Matthew Rhys.

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