Saturday, 16 May 2009

Whatever Happened to Harold Smith? (1999)

Tom Courtenay … Harold Smith
Michael Legge … Vince Smith
Laura Fraser… Joanna Robinson
Stephen Fry … Dr. Peter Robinson
Lulu … Irene Smith
David Thewlis … Nesbit
Matthew Rhys … Ray Smith
Peter Hewitt
Plot Summary:
Harold Smith, a quiet middle-aged Englishman becomes an instant celebrity when he suddenly starts exhibiting psychic and telekinetic powers…
It’s 70’s story. Actually I’ve never seen Saturday Night Fever though, I know this background. At that time the place where they danced was called Disco and songs that were played were called Discothèque music (I’m not sure spellings).
In this film, Matthew Rhys has got long hair with. And it’s kind of cute.
Anyways This film is fun. You can enjoy comedy with feeling about old good days.

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